What is clean data?


Jim O'Shaughnessy emphasizes that clean data is crucial for the effectiveness of machine learning models. The term "clean data" refers to structured content that allows one to learn principles effectively. In the context of AI, clean data is comparable to high-quality "light, sweet" oil, as opposed to low-quality, unrefined data which could lead to suboptimal or erroneous outcomes 1.

Additionally, while discussing AI's role in scientific research, he highlights the importance of good information and structured data. This helps prevent inefficiencies and mistakes, reinforcing the significance of maintaining a repository of well-organized and vetted data 2.

Clean Data, New Oil

Emad and Jim discuss the importance of clean data in machine learning models. They emphasize that valuable data is structured content that allows you to learn principles, and not just as much data as possible to extract patterns. Additionally, they touch on the increasing demand for GPUs and custom architectures to run these models.

Infinite Loops 2022

Ep.128 — The Future of AI w/ Emad Mostaque