How do you find true love?


Finding true love involves several nuanced insights from trusted experts. Here are some key takeaways:

  1. Understand Love Within Yourself: According to , true love starts within oneself. Love is innately present, and it's the fear and delusion that cloud our perception of it. By clearing these fears, we can experience and express love more freely 1.

  2. Embrace Uncertainty and Narrative: emphasizes the importance of allowing relationships to unfold naturally without stringent checklists. Embracing the unknown and letting the story develop organically adds depth to the relationship. This approach defies the notion that youth is essential to falling in love, as love can flourish at any age 2.

  3. Serve and Support Each Other: discusses that true love is about seeking the highest good for the other person rather than focusing on personal gains. Serving, uplifting, and supporting each other leads to deeper joy and fulfillment in the relationship 3.

    Finding True Love

    Aubrey and Erick discuss the concept of true love, emphasizing that love is always present and within ourselves. They explore how fear and delusion can mask this love and the importance of clearing out fear to experience the warmth of love in our hearts.

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  4. Recognize Individual and Shared Growth: highlights the need to understand that a relationship involves three dynamics: your relationship with yourself, your partner's relationship with themselves, and the relationship you share. Addressing issues within oneself and supporting your partner in their personal journey is crucial in mastering love 4.

These perspectives underline that true love is less about searching outwardly and more about nurturing love internally, allowing organic growth, selflessness, and mutual personal development.