Who are they looking to hire?


Several clips from podcasts discuss various approaches to hiring needs across different companies:

  1. Jeff Weiner from highlights the changing needs for hiring as LinkedIn grew from a small to a large organization. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining cultural fit during rapid expansion and the risks of compromising on this priority 1.

  2. Nav Athwal, featured on the , discusses the importance of finding intelligent and collaborative individuals in Silicon Valley, where good talent is often already employed. He underscores the need for balancing IQ and EQ to ensure team compatibility and company success 2.

  3. Alex Hormozi on discusses how hiring needs can vary based on the type of entrepreneur and business focus. Product-driven companies may lack in sales and marketing, requiring prioritization in these areas, while promotion-driven companies might need back-end operational support 3.

    Evolving Hiring Needs

    Jeff discusses the changing needs for hiring as a company grows and the importance of maintaining cultural fit throughout the hiring process, even during periods of rapid expansion. He emphasizes the need to hire against the organization's culture and values to ensure long-term success.


    Jeff Weiner on Establishing a Plan and Culture for Scaling | Blitzscaling 19
  4. Mike Silagadze, also on , suggests a balanced strategy of internal and external hiring to ensure career progression and retain top talent that can be nurtured and promoted from within 4.

  5. Ann Miura-Ko from advocates for leveraging internal networks to find the best hires rather than relying solely on job advertisements. She emphasizes the effectiveness of personal recommendations from current employees 5.

  6. Karri Saarinen on discusses deliberate and slow steps in hiring, focusing on a smaller team of high-quality individuals for better output and productivity 6.

  7. Jocko Willink on the highlights the need for a strategic talent acquisition plan, emphasizing the importance of hiring for future skills and needs rather than just immediate requirements 7.

Different companies have diverse approaches, but common themes include maintaining cultural fit, balancing IQ and EQ, leveraging internal networks, and planning for future needs.