Why did Mark's company get sold?


Mark Mastrov sold his company due to investment group pressures and attractive buyout offers. The investment group involved, McCown DeLu, initially helped raise funds for company growth but later wanted to exit its investment, leading to the company's sale. Mastrof had no plan to sell but decided to proceed due to investor desires. The selling process attracted significant interest, with 19 high bids, ultimately leading to a sale to Forceman Little for about $1.4 billion, a price high enough to preempt other bids 1.

Selling the Company

Mark talks about how an investment group came in and wanted to sell the company, but he had no intention of leaving. They went through a selling process and received 19 bids, including ones from Howard Schultz and Phil Knight. A group called Forceman Little ended up buying the company.

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842: The Steve Jobs of Fitness- Mark Mastrov