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In the "" episode of the "", Brad and guest Suzy delve into various strategies and considerations for optimizing travel rewards. Here are the key insights from the episode:

  1. Travelers Triangle:

    • The concept of the "Travelers Triangle" is introduced, emphasizing the importance of flexibility in travel planning to increase the likelihood of finding available award seats and making successful bookings. This approach is particularly useful for overcoming constraints like fixed travel dates due to school schedules or holidays 1.
  2. Recommended Podcasts:

    • Suzy shares her favorite podcasts for travel rewards, including 'Miles to Memories,' 'Miles to Go,' and 'Geo Breeze,' suggesting these as resources for listeners to gain more intricate knowledge of travel rewards 2.
  3. Show Notes and Travel Tools:

    • The importance of show notes for accessing episode resources and additional tools is highlighted. Tools like Expert Flyer, which can notify users of available award seats, are mentioned as beneficial for those looking deeper into travel rewards 3.

      Travelers Triangle

      Brad and Suzy discuss the importance of flexibility when it comes to booking award seats for travel. They highlight the Travelers Triangle and how it can help increase the likelihood of success in booking flights using points and miles.


      442 | Intermediate Travel Rewards
  4. Maximizing Rewards:

    • A discussion on maximizing travel rewards underscores the need to be cognizant of taxes and fees associated with different airlines and to utilize hotels' award charts for best value redemption, particularly during high-demand periods 4.
  5. Traveling with Constraints:

    • Suzy talks about managing travel with kids and a full-time job, illustrating how destination flexibility can help balance out the lack of timing flexibility. Her personal travel to Romania exemplifies this strategy 5.

This episode provides intermediate-level advice aimed at listeners who are somewhat familiar with travel rewards but looking to deepen their understanding and improve their travel hacking strategies.