Brad Barrett has discussed the choice of college majors in the context of "return on investment" (ROI). For instance, Ava Wettrick chose an entrepreneurship major at Ball State. She believed that the program could provide valuable knowledge on how to run a business effectively, covering roles like accounting, marketing, and CEO tasks. Ava emphasized the practical skills taught in college, such as creating business plans and ensuring profitability, which underscored her decision for this major due to its practical applications and potential ROI 1.

College Entrepreneurship

Ava shares her experience of attending college with a unique major in entrepreneurship. She talks about how she secured scholarships based on her academic achievements and alumni connections. She also discusses the importance of taking time to grow up and how college can teach practical skills for running a business. Ava highlights the benefits of being around peers and professors and using those opportunities to differentiate oneself.


244 | Mentorz : A Second Generation FI Success Story | Ava and Don Wettrick