What measures did he take?


In a discussion on , shared the unconventional measures taken to push his physical and mental limits. When an unexpected guest arrived at his home, Jesse was immediately challenged to focus on simplicity and abandon expressions. His guest led him through intense physical training, specifically demanding he complete 100 pull-ups in a session, which initially seemed impossible to Jesse. This rigorous regimen revealed to Jesse how much potential he was leaving untapped, not only in his fitness but across various aspects of his life, like his career aims with Marquis Jet 1.

Unconventional Training

Jesse's encounter with a mysterious visitor challenges his physical limits, leading him to question where else in life he might be underestimating himself. The unconventional training drills prompt Jesse to reevaluate his perceived boundaries and strive for more.

The Mindset Mentor

Pushing Past Your Limits w/ Jesse Itzler