How can lighting a candle help?


Lighting a candle can serve as a powerful symbolic gesture that facilitates a shift in perspective and creates a conducive environment for introspection or meaningful conversations. Jack Kornfield illustrates this by describing two scenarios where lighting a candle had a profound effect: one with young people who had lost friends to violence, and another with top executives at a company. In both instances, the simple act of lighting a candle and allowing silence transcended normal interactions, creating a space for serious reflection and connection. This ritual, according to Kornfield, acts as a universal language that can transform the way people relate to each other and to the challenges they face 1.

Lighting a Candle

Jack shares how lighting a candle can be a simple yet powerful ritual gesture that can change perspectives and create a different way of meeting and holding what we're dealing with. He shares how he used this gesture in two different settings - with young people who have lost friends to violence and with top executives at Google.

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A Practical Guide on Finding Inner Peace | Jack Kornfield | Knowledge Project Podcast 156