Can caffeine boost physical performance?


Yes, caffeine can boost physical performance. explains that caffeine has performance-enhancing effects on both mental and physical performance. It can improve reaction time, coordination, memory, power output, and endurance. The peak effects of caffeine on alertness and focus occur around 30 minutes after ingestion and can last for as long as 60 minutes.

For the maximum physical performance-enhancing effects, abstaining from caffeine for a few days and then consuming it before a physical task is recommended. Even a two-day abstinence can enhance its effect when you resume intake. Regular caffeine intake, though still beneficial for performance, won't have as robust effects as a period of abstinence would 1 2 3.

Caffeine Performance Boost

Andrew explains how abstaining from caffeine for five days can greatly enhance the performance-enhancing effects of caffeine when taken on the sixth day. He also discusses the benefits of reducing caffeine intake to identify its effects on daily functioning and mood.

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