Eli's brush


It appears you're referring to "Eli's brush" called Vu deja, as mentioned in an episode of the . mentions that Eli created a new brush, which he describes as a gorgeous product named Vu deja. Will Arnett has given these brushes to all the ladies in his family, who all love them. However, the correct spelling and more information about purchasing these brushes were not effectively communicated in the discussion 1.

Hilarious Haircut Conversations

Will Arnett shares his new haircut given by Eli and raves about Eli's amazing brush, Vu deja. Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes join in the conversation, teasing Will about his messy hair and inability to spell Vu deja. Will also mentions his friend Kevin Woon, who receives some playful banter from Jason.


11/15/21: An Interview with Halle Berry | SmartLess w/ Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett