Print-On-Demand (POD) was discussed in depth in the "My First Million" podcast episode "4 Side Hustle Ideas To Make $1000/Day In 2023." The hosts, and , talked about the success of the company Teespring. This company made a mark by targeting specific demographics on Facebook, such as people's last names or places they were from, to sell personalized T-shirts. The approach led to high engagement and low customer acquisition costs (CAC), contributing significantly to the company's rapid growth. They also explored other innovative print-on-demand ideas, like printing pets' faces on socks and creating mass-customized pet portraits, demonstrating how personalization could drive advertisement click-through rates and sales 1.

Unique Print-On-Demand Ideas

Sam and Shaan discuss the success of Teespring and how they used Facebook ads to target specific audiences. They also explore other successful print-on-demand ideas, such as pet face socks, celebrity faces on dollar bills, and customized pet portraits. The key takeaway is the importance of incorporating personalization into ads to increase engagement and click-through rates.

My First Million

4 Side Hustle Ideas To Make $1000/Day In 2023 (#393)