Recognizing thinking patterns


Shane Parrish, in a discussion with Jack Kornfield on the "" episode titled "", explores how meditation can reveal unconscious thought patterns. Kornfield highlights that often, our minds replay the same patterns, likening it to a playlist that repeatedly plays in the background. Meditation helps to identify, observe, and categorize these patterns, allowing us to be more aware of them and decide which to foster and which to let go. This awareness not only sheds light on our mental habits but provides a chance to cultivate better mental habits and reactions 1.

Unconscious Thought Patterns

Jack Kornfield explains how meditation can help us become aware of our unconscious thought patterns and recognize them as they arise. By numbering our top ten thought patterns, we can step outside of them and make space for self-awareness and mindfulness.

The Knowledge Project

A Practical Guide on Finding Inner Peace | Jack Kornfield | Knowledge Project Podcast 156