Intellectual influences


Here are some experts who have discussed their intellectual influences in various podcasts:

  1. - A Yale graduate with degrees in mathematics and philosophy, Eisenstein is a public speaker and author whose work explores human cultural evolution, economics, and spirituality. He has shared his insights on platforms like the Modern Wisdom, Aubrey Marcus Podcast, and Rich Roll.

  2. - A behavioral scientist and professor at Yale, Dr. Chance is known for her expertise in interpersonal influence. She authored "Influence Is Your Superpower" and has appeared on the Good Life Project.

  3. - A philosopher and cognitive scientist, Dennett's research spans consciousness, artificial intelligence, and evolutionary biology. He has appeared on the Mindscape Podcast.

  4. - Formerly Microsoft's CTO, Myhrvold is a co-founder of Intellectual Ventures and has discussed various topics on the The Knowledge Project.

  5. - A comparative religionist, philosopher, and co-founder of the Sapience Institute, Hijab has appeared on the The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast discussing topics related to philosophy and religion.

  6. - A cognitive scientist known for his work on the reasoning process, Mercier co-authored "The Enigma of Reason" and appeared on the Mindscape Podcast.

  7. - As a professor of organizational behavior and author, Bohns has shared her insights on influence and interpersonal dynamics on platforms like Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris and The James Altucher Show.

  8. - Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Utah, Nguyen has explored the influence of social structures and technology on rationality on the The Ezra Klein Show.

These individuals delve into their intellectual influences and the broader cultural and philosophical themes that shape their work.