What is the popularity of Neo Vim?


Neo Vim has gained significant popularity among developers, as highlighted in multiple discussions on the . The hype around its release, particularly version 0.5, demonstrates its appeal. This version included built-in LSP support, offering advanced features like code completion and IntelliSense without needing external servers 1.

The vibrant community around Neo Vim actively supports and celebrates its developments. For example, a live stream event for the Neo Vim 0.5 release attracted around 500 live viewers, showcasing the high engagement and excitement among users 2. Additionally, Neo Vim was noted as the "most loved editor" in the Stack Overflow 2021 survey, further reflecting its positive reception 2.

Overall, the combination of advanced features, strong community support, and industry recognition underscores Neo Vim's growing popularity.

Neo Vim 0.5 Excitement

Discover why Neo Vim 0.5 is generating so much buzz among developers. With built-in LSP support, Neo Vim offers the convenience of code completion and IntelliSense without the need for an external LSP server. Dive into the discussion as Adam and Nick explore the latest features and contemplate giving Neo Vim a try.

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