What is hidden production?


"Hidden production" refers to the indirect impact a player has on a game that isn't directly recorded in statistics but significantly influences the outcome. Shane Parrish and Les Snead discuss this in the context of football, using the example of Aaron Donald. Despite Donald often requiring multiple opponents to block him, his efforts might not show up on the stat sheet directly. However, his presence and actions create opportunities for his teammates, such as freeing them up for sacks or forcing the opposing team to alter their offensive strategy. This strategic influence demonstrates hidden production, a pivotal but less quantifiable aspect that impacts contract negotiations and team dynamics 1 2.

Hidden Production

Les Snead, the general manager of the Los Angeles Rams, discusses the importance of hidden production in football and how it affects contract negotiations. He explains how the performance of one player can be influenced by the presence or absence of another player and the importance of evaluating a player's partners and scheme before making an investment.

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