How does Span Health work?


Span Health operates as an app that helps users optimize their performance by analyzing data from wearable devices. Here's how it works:

  1. Data Integration: Span Health collects data from various wearable devices like the Whoop, Aura Ring, Apple Watch, and others.
  2. Personalized Reports: Using the aggregated data, the app generates detailed reports that give insights into sleep quality, diet, and exercise specific to the user.
  3. Experiments: Span Health runs personalized experiments or interventions for the user, based on their individual data. These experiments aim to improve health outcomes.
  4. Dedicated Coaching: A unique feature of Span Health is the provision of a dedicated coach who can provide guidance based on the insights derived from the wearable data.
  5. Ease of Use: The app is designed to simplify the complex data provided by wearables, turning it into comprehensible and actionable advice, thereby saving time and increasing productivity.
  6. Health Optimization: The ultimate goal of Span Health is to enhance longevity and general health through sustained and data-informed lifestyle adjustments.

Thus, Span Health aims to revolutionize health monitoring by integrating data from various sources into a single platform and using it to tailor lifestyle recommendations that help improve long-term health outcomes.1

Span Health Insights

Discover how Span Health, a mobile application, uses data from various wearables to provide personalized insights and experiments to improve health outcomes and reach health goals. Learn how this one-stop shop simplifies data analysis and offers the support of dedicated health coaches.

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