What is Squattober?


"Squattober" is a fitness challenge where participants focus on squatting every day for the entire month of October, except on active rest weekends. This initiative is designed to emphasize the importance of squatting, a fundamental movement that enhances strength, fitness, and health across various aspects. However, there are nuances to consider:

  • Benefits: Squating robustly during Squattober can potentially improve squatting skills and increase muscle mass if done with the right intensity and form. It's about honing the skill of squatting more than just doing exhaustive workouts daily 1.

  • Considerations: It's crucial to ensure good squat form before participating. Squatting poorly every day could exacerbate bad form and lead to injuries. The challenge might also inadvertently encourage people to overdo the intensity, leading to burnout or negative impacts post-challenge 2.

  • Frequency Advice: Instead of dramatically increasing squat frequency, it's recommended to add moderate increments to one's regular squatting routine during Squattober. This approach can offer significant benefits without the risks of overtraining 3.

    Squattober Benefits

    Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the benefits of Squattober, a challenge to squat every day for a month. They highlight the importance of practicing the squat with appropriate intensity and form, which can lead to increased muscle mass and improved squatting skills. However, they caution against overreaching and emphasize the need to assess one's current squatting frequency before starting the challenge.

    Mind Pump Podcast

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These insights into Squattober highlight both its potential benefits and areas of concern, particularly regarding proper form and exercise intensity management.