Learning new roles


Here are some insights from trusted experts on learning new roles:

  1. Navigating Technical Challenges: Transitioning from technical to project management roles often involves letting go of technical control and trusting the team. Developing decision-making skills while balancing new technologies with reliability is crucial 1.

  2. Embracing Authenticity: Authenticity in new roles is achieved over time by adjusting to the role and finding a balance between personal authenticity and professional requirements 2.

  3. Identity Shifts: Taking on new responsibilities can create significant shifts in identity and personal self-view. This can be an opportunity for a fresh start and growth 3.

    Navigating Technical Challenges

    Patrick and Maarten discuss the challenges of transitioning from technical to project management roles, emphasizing the importance of trust within a team. They delve into decision-making processes, highlighting the balance between embracing new technologies and prioritizing reliability in software development.

    Beyond Coding Podcast

    Killing Your Product with More Features | Maarten Dalmijn | Beyond Coding Podcast #148
  4. Learning and Growing: Constant learning and challenging oneself is important. Working with supportive colleagues can help in acquiring new skills and advancing professionally 4.

  5. Career Decision Insights: Being self-aware and making informed career decisions, such as choosing learning opportunities over immediate leadership roles, can lead to better personal and team outcomes 5.

  6. Learning for Future Success: Developing the habit of continuous learning helps adapt to changes and maintain agency in one's career. The ability to learn how to learn is essential for long-term success 6.

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