Seductive tactics


Andrew Huberman discusses the complex dynamics of seductive tactics and how they can manipulate and influence relationships. He explores the power dynamics in sexual and romantic exchanges, referring to these dynamics as a form of power exchange where one might give the impression of being more powerful, yet holds some degree of control by allowing this illusion. This concept is discussed as "topping from the bottom," where both parties agree to a power dynamic that may not be entirely truthful 1.

Moreover, Robert Greene elaborates on how seductive tactics often involve a taboo element and can be rooted in societal norms and instinctual behaviors. He explains that although a seductive action might appear empowering to the one who executes it, it often results in the manipulation of the recipient, utilizing their vulnerabilities 2.

In addition to deceit and manipulation, Dr. David Buss addresses the role of deception in mate selection, highlighting how individuals often use exaggerated expressions of interest and alignment to attract partners, portraying a semblance of commitment that may not be genuine 3.

Power Dynamics

Explore the intricate relationship between power dynamics and sexual exchanges as Andrew and Robert discuss the art of seduction, the illusion of power, and the intertwining of sex, romance, and control in relationships.

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Robert Greene: A Process for Finding & Achieving Your Unique Purpose

These insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the psychological and social underpinnings of seductive tactics, illustrating their complexity and the interplay of power and control they involve.