Jim O'Shaughnessy discusses the impact of governmental actions and leadership narratives on public sentiment, particularly during economic or political shifts. He mentions how narratives from leaders like Tony Blair and Ronald Reagan effectively changed public perceptions and morale. For instance, Reagan's approach of positivity and attributing success to the American people during his presidency helped to shift public conversations towards optimism and action, such as starting new businesses or pursuing opportunities despite challenges. This shift in narrative can be particularly powerful during times of economic uncertainty, like recessions, influencing public confidence and actions 1.

Government Vibes

Jim and Kyla discuss the power of government vibes and how they compare to social media in shaping public perception. They explore examples of past presidents and current politicians using storytelling to change the narrative and the impact of social media on government messaging.

Infinite Loops 2022

Ep.125 — Kyla Scanlon — Cultivating Vibes