What are the free fitness programs?


Mind Pump Podcast offers a few free fitness programs and giveaways, as detailed below:

  1. 30-Day Workout Program: This is a comprehensive program that includes daily workouts focusing on resistance training and mobility. Each session varies in length from 20 to 60 minutes. The program also provides detailed written instructions, video demonstrations with coaching cues, and aims to create a structured fitness routine for beginners 1.

  2. Maps Anabolic Giveaway: Participants can win free lifetime access to the Maps Anabolic program by engaging with their YouTube channel—leaving comments, subscribing, and activating notifications within the first 24 hours of a video release 2.

  3. Maps Aesthetic Giveaway: This is another giveaway for the Maps Aesthetic program, which is a bodybuilder-inspired routine. Entry is similar to the Maps Anabolic giveaway—participants need to engage promptly with new video releases on YouTube 3.

    Free 30-Day Workout Program

    Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss their free 30-day workout program that includes daily resistance training and mobility sessions with coaching cues and demos. The program is designed to eliminate confusion and provide a structured introduction to fitness. They also experimented with coaching videos to give users a taste of their personalities.

    Mind Pump Podcast

    1732: How to Workout Every Day for 30 Days (Free Workout!)

These programs are designed to help users start their fitness journey with structured and guided support from fitness experts.