How do Navy Seals breathe underwater?


Navy SEALs have a unique method for breathing underwater through the use of platelets that release oxygen directly into the bloodstream. This technique allows them to stay submerged for up to 22 minutes without taking a breath. Essentially, the platelets are injected into the bloodstream and release oxygen over a short period, ensuring that the blood remains oxygenated and eliminating the need to breathe normally during that timeframe.

However, a critical aspect of this technique is training individuals to resist the instinct to breathe when they don't have to, which can be a significant challenge 1 .

Breathing Underwater

Discover the groundbreaking research behind breathing underwater, from the Navy Seals' use of platelets to oxygenate blood to the innovative machine that can oxygenate blood live. Learn how this technology is saving lives and extending survival time in critical situations.

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