How can citizens take action?


Tim Ferriss and his guests discuss several impactful ways citizens can take action:

  1. Call Representatives: Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson emphasizes the power of calling members of Congress to support climate policies. Few people make these calls, so each call carries significant weight. Representatives are required to log and respond to constituent calls, making this an effective way to influence policy 1.

  2. Volunteer for Signature Gathering: Mike Phillips highlights the importance of volunteering as a signature gatherer in direct democracy initiatives, such as petitions to protect wildlife like the gray wolf in Colorado. Signature gathering can be a crucial part of getting issues on the ballot and ensuring public voice matters 2.

By engaging in these activities, citizens can leverage their influence and contribute to meaningful societal changes.

Empowering Citizen Action

Dr. Ayana encourages listeners to take action by calling their representatives and supporting climate policies. She emphasizes the importance of citizen engagement and highlights the impact of individual voices in shaping government decisions.

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Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson on How to Catalyze Change with Awe and Wonder | The Tim Ferriss Show