First time founders


Here are some valuable insights and advice for first-time founders:

  1. Focus on Product over Paraphernalia: advises that instead of getting caught up in the minutiae of starting a business such as logos and accounting, focus primarily on creating a product and getting feedback from potential customers. Iterating based on this feedback is crucial 1.

  2. Importance of Early Traction: emphasizes the significance of having a working product and some initial customer traction before seeking significant investment. Starting with angel investors or early seed investors is often more beneficial for first-time founders than aiming for larger initial rounds 2.

  3. Prioritize Founders Over Limited Partners (LPs): For fund managers, recommends focusing on attracting top founders rather than securing LPs. Success with founders naturally leads to attracting LP investment 3.

    Early Startup Focus

    Alice Bentinck shares advice for first time founders on how to spend their time in the early days of a startup. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on building a product and getting it in front of potential customers for feedback and iteration.


    FF 014: Making Great Founders, Idea Creation and The First 100 Days Of A Startup with Alice Bentinck, Co-Founder @ Entrepreneur First
  4. Learn from Failures: , a serial entrepreneur, shares that learning from early failures and avoiding the "shiny object syndrome" are critical for long-term success. Staying focused is key 4.

  5. Be Psychologically Prepared: advises that entrepreneurship is a rough ride filled with frequent problems and unforeseen challenges. He stresses the importance of teamwork, suggesting that having a supportive team can greatly assist in navigating the startup journey 5.

  6. Legal Matters and Investor Impressions: highlights the importance of proper legal structure and choosing specialized legal counsel as crucial for making a good impression on potential investors and avoiding common pitfalls that might scare them away 6.

  7. Value of Experienced Advisors and Contrarian Perspective: Keith Rabois argues that first-time founders can be more successful due to their ambition and fresh perspectives. He suggests partnering with experienced advisors to help navigate blind spots 7.

These tips can guide first-time founders toward more effective decision-making and strategy development in the challenging early stages of a startup.