What payment methods are available?


Payment methods differ based on the geographical region and the specific needs of the transaction. Here are some details about payment methods discussed by experts:

  1. Brazil (Google Payments): In Brazil, Google has streamlined various payment methods through a single API. These methods include:

    • Local credit cards
    • Credit card installments
    • Central bank sponsored methods (e.g., Pix)
    • Cash payment methods like 'Boleto' 1
  2. Europe: Common payment systems include:

    • SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) benefiting from fast processing (usually within a day)
    • UK's Faster Payments 2
  3. United States:

    • US has fewer options compared to Europe, featuring systems like postal orders and Zelle 2

Chargeback Risk and Payment Methods

Chargeback risk is a critical concern, especially relevant in the US where payment methods like PayPal pose a higher risk due to the ease of chargebacks. To mitigate risk, platforms like Bisq avoid supporting payment methods prone to scams and chargebacks, opting for those proven to have lesser incidents, like Zelle which has recorded very few chargebacks 2.

This overview indicates the variability and considerations in selecting payment systems, including speed, chargeback risk, and geographic applicability.

Revolutionizing Payment Infrastructure

Sebastian explains the intricate payment infrastructure built for Google in Brazil, streamlining various payment methods into one API. This innovative approach not only simplifies transactions but also enhances fraud prevention and tax compliance, setting a new standard for payment systems.

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Sebastian Kanovich - Powering Emerging Markets Payments - [Founder’s Field Guide, EP. 56]