Tim Ferriss has discussed vasopressin in various contexts on his podcasts. He initially became interested in vasopressin as a potential "smart drug" for enhancing short-term memory during his college years. He experimented with it by taking it intranasally before studying, although he later found the side effects, such as headaches, not worth the benefits 1.

Furthermore, Tim revisits vasopressin in the context of sleep and sex. He mentions vasopressin's role in inhibiting diuresis, potentially helping individuals stay asleep by reducing the need to urinate during the night. This is in addition to its interaction with the brain's sleep-wake switch, possibly indicating a deeper involvement in sleep regulation 2.

Vasopressin and Pair Bonding

Tim and Rhonda discuss the effects of vasopressin on memory and pair bonding in males, including the role of gene polymorphisms and alcohol consumption.

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