What drives Benjamin's commitment?


Benjamin Netanyahu's commitment is driven by a strong sense of mission to ensure the survival, security, and prosperity of the state of Israel. He is motivated by the vision of Israel's economic prosperity and peace with its neighbors. Despite facing challenges such as the potential corrupting nature of power and significant opposition from the media and political spectrum, Netanyahu's dedication is reinforced by the support of Israeli voters who have repeatedly elected him, reflecting his commitment to his country over personal power 1.

Power and Persistence

Benjamin discusses his unwavering commitment to the mission of ensuring the survival and prosperity of the Jewish state, despite facing challenges such as the corrupting nature of power and media bias. He shares insights on his longevity in office and the hard-fought victories in elections, highlighting the importance of the will of the Israeli voters.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel, Palestine, Power, Corruption, Hate, and Peace | Lex Fridman Podcast #389