Park City


Park City is mentioned in several podcast clips, primarily discussed by the hosts of the . Here are some highlights from the discussions about Park City:

  1. Giveaway at Park City: The hosts announced a special giveaway involving a four-day, three-night stay at their Park City property. The property is described as being optimized for fitness and health individuals, with amenities like a gym, sauna, cold dip, red light therapy, Jacuzzi, steam room, and even a movie theater and arcade 1.

  2. Availability and Features: The Park City property was highlighted for its luxurious amenities, and availability was mentioned, noting some open dates. The property is situated close to downtown Park City, in a beautiful neighborhood, and includes features like a gym, sauna, red light therapy, and more 2.

  3. Jiu Jitsu in Park City: There was a discussion about the availability of Jiu Jitsu training in Park City. It was noted that there were good Jiu Jitsu schools in the area, which was important for the families of the podcast hosts 3.

    Park City Giveaway

    Adam and Sal announce an exciting giveaway for listeners, offering a chance to win a four-day, three-night stay at their Park City place. They describe the amenities and features of the optimized fitness and health-focused property, including a gym, sauna, cold dip, red light therapy, and more. Listeners are encouraged to provide feedback to make the place even better.

    Mind Pump Podcast

    Focus On What You CAN Control, Don't Worry About Your Genetics | Mind Pump 2153
  4. Property Management and Feedback: The hosts discussed managing the property and the positive feedback they've received from guests. They highlighted that updates and enhancements are continually being made based on guest feedback 4.

  5. Rental Details and Offers: Further details about the rental property were shared, including slow seasons, vacancies, bedroom details, and additional amenities present in the property 5.

  6. Property Prices: Discussions also touched on the real estate prices in Park City, drawing comparisons with prices in areas like Lake Tahoe and San Jose. It was noted that property prices near the ski resorts in Park City are high, comparable with those of properties on the lake in Tahoe 6.

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