Ambush tactics


Ambush Tactics Discussion by Lex Fridman and Guests

  1. Ed Calderon on Ambush and Counter-Ambush

    • In the episode featuring , he discusses the essentials of ambush and counter-ambush strategies. The key to creating an effective counter-ambush team is to first teach them how to become ambushers. Understanding the dynamics of a successful ambush involves controlling the area, ensuring visibility and predictability of the enemy, and having an exit strategy. An effective ambush utilizes surprise and the asymmetry of power, turning your team into highly skilled ambushers as part of their training 1.
  2. John Danaher on Ambush in Combat

    • discusses that among the most efficient methods of combat, ambush tactics stand out. Successful ambush involves surprising an opponent, significantly enhancing the chances of success in a combat situation. This strategy is evident across various species and is fundamental in military strategies as well 2.
  3. Ed Calderon on Implementing Ambush in Modern Combat

    • Further insights by Ed Calderon reveal that modern combative contexts often involve ambush scenarios, especially concerning knife attacks. He explains that historical combative encounters and modern warfare have evolved, where engagements are often sudden and involve elements of surprise, aligning with the foundations of ambush and counter-ambush strategies 3.

      Counter Ambush Training

      Ed shares his experience with counter ambush training, emphasizing the importance of being an ambusher to create a successful counter ambush team. He also discusses the adversarial thinking mindset and the importance of radical empathy for the enemy.

      Lex Fridman Podcast

      Ed Calderon: Mexican Drug Cartels | Lex Fridman Podcast #346

These discussions underline the importance of mastery in the element of surprise and strategic positioning in both historical and modern combat scenarios.