Why is Stoicism popular?


Stoicism has gained popularity because it offers accessible, practical psychological techniques that people can easily employ in their daily lives. William Irvine highlighted that Stoicism's "hackable" nature—meaning its strategies are straightforward and its entry barriers are low—contributes significantly to its appeal. People can quickly learn and apply Stoic techniques such as controlling reactions, reframing thoughts, and focusing on what they can influence, often seeing immediate benefits in their emotional resilience and overall happiness. This practicality has led to a surge in general audience books on Stoicism and a growing community of practitioners globally 1.

The Power of Stoicism

William Irvine explains why Stoicism is becoming increasingly popular and how it provides psychological techniques that are easy to learn and try. He also shares how Stoicism has undergone a huge change in popularity in the last 20 years, with books on the topic written for general audiences coming out at the rate of more than one per day. Shane Parrish then asks about specific techniques and how to train ourselves to be more stoic.

The Knowledge Project

William Irvine: Living a Stoic Life | The Knowledge Project #123