What is Spotify's wrap-up feature?


The Spotify wrap-up feature, known as "Spotify Wrapped," is an annual recapitulation of users' listening habits. It provides a summary of the top artists, songs, genres, podcasts, and total listening minutes throughout the year. The feature is designed as a shareable slideshow, encouraging users to post their results on social media, which drives significant viral engagement [Jason Calacanis: 1 2].

spotify Wrapped has proven to be a major marketing success, often leading to spikes in downloads and engagement on the platform. For example, it contributed to a 21% increase in download traffic due to the widespread sharing it triggers at the end of each year [Adam Schafer: 3].

Spotify's Viral Yearly Recap

Jason shares his excitement about Spotify Wrapped, the yearly recap of users' listening habits, which has gone viral on social media. He discusses the impact of this campaign on Spotify's app ranking and highlights the potential for other consumer-facing apps to create their own yearly recaps for viral marketing.

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The feature is not only a fun way for users to reflect on their music and podcast preferences but also serves as a powerful marketing tool for Spotify by generating extensive user-driven promotion across various social media platforms [Rachel: 4].