What are some weird patents?


During a discussion on the Mind Pump Podcast, the hosts talked about some intriguing patents held by the US Navy. This includes fascinating inventions with revolutionary potential, such as technology that can "engineer reality." These patents cover designs like gravitational wave generators, compact fusion reactors, and next-generation hybrid aerospace underwater crafts with advanced propulsion systems. The hosts speculated that such technology might be linked to the UFO sightings often reported by the media, suggesting these could be advanced military technologies rather than extraterrestrial in origin 1.

For more details, you might want to check out the full episode .

US Navy's Revolutionary Inventions

Sal discusses an article about the US Navy holding patents for inventions with revolutionary potential, including technology that can engineer reality and transform energy, space, and military sectors. The speakers speculate about the implications of this technology and whether it could be related to UFO sightings.

Mind Pump Podcast

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