How has TEDx grown globally?


TEDx has experienced significant global growth by leveraging a model of decentralized, self-organized events. explained that TEDx provides individuals around the world with a free license to organize events under the TED format. This approach has been incredibly successful, leading to an average of ten TEDx events being held daily worldwide, extending from prestigious venues like the Sydney Opera House to more unconventional locations like prisons and slums. Remarkably, this initiative has led to a situation where there are over 3,500 TEDx events managed by just 16 people at TED, showcasing a high degree of leverage and community engagement. These events are not directly controlled by TED but are guided by certain rules and supported by tools provided by TED to maintain quality and adherence to the core values of the brand 1.

The TEDx Phenomenon

Explore the incredible growth and impact of TEDx events around the world, from grand venues like the Sydney Opera House to unconventional locations like jails and slums. Learn about the difference between TED Talks and TEDx Talks, and how the TED brand has helped attract speakers and create a global network of self-organized events.

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