Writing in a company


Writing is considered a crucial skill in many companies, significantly impacting their operations and culture. Here are some insights from experts on the value of writing in a corporate environment:

  1. Jason Fried on Clear Writing:

    • Jason Fried emphasizes the significance of clear writing, especially in a remote company. Writing clearly helps prevent inefficiencies and frustrations that arise from repeated communication. It's considered a critical skill at every level in the company 1.
  2. Jimmy Soni on Writing at PayPal:

    • Writing played a central role in PayPal's success. Clear writing was likened to good engineering—both were highly valued. For instance, David Sachs was noted for his ability to write clearly, which contributed significantly to internal communications and strategic decision-making 2.
  3. Sam Corcos on Writing as a Source of Truth:

    • Sam Corcos discusses writing in the corporate world, particularly for remote companies. Written communications serve as a "source of truth," helping ensure everyone is on the same page, which is crucial for aligning the team's actions with company goals 3.

      Clear Writing

      Jason Fried discusses why clear writing is a prerequisite for every position in his remote company, citing the inefficiency and frustration that comes with unclear communication. He explains that most communication is written these days, and that being able to communicate clearly is a valuable skill that saves time and effort.

      Tim Ferriss Show

      Jason Fried Interview | The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)
  4. Strategic Writing:

    • Strategic writing is spotlighted as a necessary skill for effective corporate management, particularly in remote settings. It helps maintain clarity and continuity in companies, ensuring that all team members, including new hires, fully understand the company's operations and objectives from the start 4.
  5. Corporate Influence on Personal Identity:

    • Carolyn Chen discusses the deeper implications of writing and company culture on personal identity. In some companies, particularly in tech, the blending of personal and professional life can lead to an ‘impoverished sense of self’ where personal growth is subservient to productivity and corporate goals 5.

These perspectives highlight writing's pivotal role in ensuring efficiency, alignment, and strategic thinking within companies, especially those operating remotely. They also touch on the broader impact of corporate culture on personal development and identity.