Rising above

Here are some podcasts that might resonate with the concept of "rising above," addressing various themes of overcoming obstacles, personal growth, or technological advancements:

  1. The Social Radars: Hosts Jessica Livingston and Carolynn Levy explore the intersection of technology, startups, and entrepreneurship, offering insights into challenges and breakthroughs within the industry. This podcast might connect to the theme of "rising above" within a tech and business context .

  2. Maintenance Phase: Co-hosted by Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon, this podcast debunks myths surrounding health and wellness, embracing a critical view that challenges mainstream health advice. Themes of rising above misinformation and societal pressure are prevalent .

  3. F1: Beyond The Grid: Hosted by Tom Clarkson, this podcast delves into the lives and stories of the personalities behind Formula 1 racing. It captures the idea of "rising above" through personal narratives of overcoming adversity in the sport .

  4. The Morning Shakeout: Mario Fraioli and Chris Douglas discuss running, coaching, and high-performance lifestyles, ideal for those interested in stories of athletic and mental endurance .

  5. The Rest Is History: Historians Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook provide engaging narratives on historical events and figures, often highlighting how historical subjects have "risen above" challenging times .

These podcasts, through their varied foci, explore themes of overcoming, growth, and persistence which align with the high-level concept of "rising above."