Simulation Theory


In an episode of the Mind Pump Podcast, the hosts discuss the concept of simulation theory. The conversation details a speculative scenario where humanity might have created an artificial reality to experience challenges and hardships, as a solution to a world where all problems have been solved. This artificial reality is designed to be so immersive that individuals do not realize they are in it. According to this theory, when you die, you might wake up from this simulated reality, reflecting on the experiences as though they were just a segment of something bigger. The hosts also discuss the phenomena of memory loss in early childhood and deja vu, suggesting these could be functionalities of our introduction to or glitches in this simulated interface, pointing to the mysterious and potentially fabricated nature of our perceived reality 1.

Simulation Theory

Sal introduces the idea that humanity has created an artificial reality to experience challenges and hardships. The group discusses the theory of why we can't remember anything from ages one to three and the reason behind deja vu.

Mind Pump Podcast

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