Is the military a young man's game?


Yes, according to several experts, the military is often considered a young man's game, largely due to the physical demands and lifestyle.

Willink{sid=pers_158} states that the military life involves significant travel, lack of comfort, and a degree of risk that is more easily managed by younger individuals who typically have fewer personal attachments and responsibilities 1. He elaborates that younger recruits often have an obedient nature and fewer distractions, making it easier for them to adapt to military life compared to older individuals who might have established careers, families, and other commitments 2.

Moreover, highlights that physical peak and fewer emotional ties make young people more suited for the warrior lifestyle. As one gets older, physical capabilities decline, and emotional ties to family and community grow stronger, making the heavy demands of military service more challenging to meet 3.

The Young Man's Game

Jocko discusses the reality of the military being a young man's game, highlighting the sacrifices and challenges that come with it. He reflects on his own experience joining at a young age and the advantages of having no attachments.

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Overall, while maturity and experience of older individuals are valuable, the demanding nature of the military environment makes it more suited to younger individuals.