Importance of empathy in addiction?


Empathy plays a crucial role in understanding and addressing addiction. Dr. Anna Lembke discusses with the importance of empathy in comprehending the relentless nature of severe addiction. She uses the analogy of an incessant itch to illustrate the persistent urge that individuals with severe addiction experience, highlighting how their balance and homeostasis are disrupted even after sustained abstinence. Understanding this can foster deeper empathy towards the continuous challenges faced by those struggling with addiction, emphasizing the necessity to see addiction beyond mere self-destruction but as a complex, enduring struggle 1.

Thus, empathy in the context of addiction is about recognizing the profound and ongoing challenges that individuals face, which can be pivotal in providing effective support and therapies.

Addiction Empathy

Anna and Andrew discuss the importance of empathy in understanding addiction and how severe addiction can affect an individual's balance and homeostasis. Anna uses the analogy of an itch that can't be scratched to explain the constant pull of addiction for those with severe cases.

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Dr. Anna Lembke: Understanding & Treating Addiction | Huberman Lab Podcast #33