Cancer survivors


Here are some experts and cancer survivors who have shared their experiences, insights, and expertise on various podcasts:

    • Title: Cancer Survivor Speaker
    • Description: Axel shares his experiences and the lessons learned from battling cancer, emphasizing mindset, support, and personal growth.
    • Featured on: The Proof with Simon Hill
    • Title: Motivational Speaker and Adventurer
    • Description: A two-time terminal-cancer survivor, Sean has accomplished extraordinary feats such as climbing the tallest mountains on each continent and completing the Hawaii Ironman with one lung.
    • Featured on: The Danny Miranda Show
    • Title: Holistic Psychotherapist and Author
    • Description: Dr. Galardi cured herself of breast cancer and has authored books on navigating cancer treatment with a focus on aligning with one's passions.
    • Featured on: The Human Upgrade
    • Title: Poet and Spiritual Adviser
    • Description: A cancer survivor, Mark Nepo is a renowned poet and author, focusing on resilience and spiritual wisdom.
    • Featured on: Good Life Project and The Human Upgrade
    • Title: Acclaimed American Actress
    • Description: Known for her roles in "Battlestar Galactica" and on Netflix, Katee is also recognized for her personal battle with cancer.
    • Featured on: Women of Impact and On Purpose with Jay Shetty