CFP program


Brad Barrett emphasizes the significance of choosing a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who adheres to Fiduciary responsibility. He strongly advises asking whether a CFP is a fiduciary in all aspects of their interaction to ensure they prioritize client interests over their own profit motives 1 .

When searching for a competent CFP, one should consider using resources like the CFP Board, NAPA, the Financial Planning Association, and the XY Planning Network, which allow searching by niche and geographic location. This approach helps find planners who might understand specific financial needs better, including those of the Financial Independence (FI) community 2 .

Aspiring CFPs often discover communities like FI through their studies, which align with their financial values and habits. This was expressed by Linda, a CFP candidate, who found the FI community through her CFP program and recognized shared financial principles within it 3 .

Fiduciary Responsibility

Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of finding a certified financial planner with sole fiduciary responsibility and how Chris has blended technology with personal interaction to create a solution for this problem. They emphasize the need for both aspects in financial planning and the challenge of finding a sweet spot in pricing that allows for scalability.


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Finally, for fee structures, Brad emphasizes avoiding CFPs who charge based on assets under management due to high fees. Instead, he suggests looking for those who provide comprehensive financial plans at a more reasonable cost 4 .