How to make healthy food choices?


To make healthier food choices, here are some valuable tips shared by the Mind Pump Podcast hosts:

  1. Connect Food with Feelings: Choose foods not just based on their taste but also on how they make you feel afterwards. For instance, prefers a healthier version of lasagna because he feels better after eating it, compared to traditional recipes which can cause discomfort 1.

  2. Plan and Prep: Preparing your meals in advance can save money and help maintain a healthy diet. This eliminates the convenience barrier that often leads to poor food choices due to time constraints 2.

  3. Avoid Processed Foods: Processed foods are designed to make you overeat. Instead, focus on whole, natural foods which help you feel full and satisfied without overeating. Studies show that people consume significantly fewer calories when they eat whole foods compared to processed ones 3.

    Making Better Food Choices

    Adam and Sal discuss how to make better food choices by not just measuring the palatability of the food but also how it makes you feel afterwards. They also talk about how food companies use psychology to make us crave certain foods. By connecting the dots between taste and how it makes us feel, we can slowly start to crave healthier foods.

    Mind Pump Podcast

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  4. Create Healthy Environments: Make healthy foods easily accessible by prepping them ahead of time and keeping your kitchen stocked with nutritious options. This reduces impulsive eating of unhealthy snacks 4.

  5. Take Responsibility: Accept that some foods are better for you than others. Owning your choices, even when they are occasional indulgences, empowers you to sustain a healthy diet in the long term 5.

  6. Avoid Government Misinformation: Be cautious of diet recommendations that have historically been incorrect, such as avoiding fats or cholesterol, which have later been proven beneficial 6.

By following these practical tips, you can create a sustainable habit of making healthy food choices that not only benefit your physical health but also improve how you feel and function throughout the day.