Dark exposure


highlights the significance of dark exposure at night for mental health outcomes, independent of light exposure during the day. According to a discussion on the , people who ensure they are exposed to darkness at night, known as dark exposure, can see benefits even if they don't get sufficient sunlight during the day. This is particularly true for individuals with certain mental health issues. Dark exposure acts as a crucial environmental stimulus for levels of arousal and alertness, which correlate with various neuromodulator and hormone outputs. This relationship between accurately timed light and dark exposure and its effects on mental health underscores the importance of managing our light environment to support well-being 1 2.

The Power of Dark Exposure

Discover the surprising benefits of dark exposure at night, independent of light exposure during the day, for mental health outcomes. Dive into the importance of accurately timed light exposure to the eyes and how it correlates with levels of arousal and alertness. Explore the resilience of individuals to light effects and the potential role of polymorphisms.

The Peter Attia Drive Podcast

286‒Journal club with Andrew Huberman: light exposure on mental health & an immunotherapy for cancer