How to manage communication frustration?


Managing communication frustration effectively involves several targeted strategies:

  1. Time Management: Set aside dedicated time each day or every few days specifically for responding to communications. This helps avoid the buildup of unread messages and reduces stress 1.

  2. Prompt Responses: Try to reply within a designated timeframe, such as 24 or 48 hours. This approach, known as the "Sundown rule," promotes professionalism and helps maintain good relationships with colleagues and external contacts 1.

  3. Utilizing Tools: Utilize communication tools like Slack for internal communications, ensuring that you remain available and responsive. This can help in staying connected and immediately addressing urgent matters 1.

  4. Email Management: Organize your inbox effectively. Using acronyms in the subject line to categorize emails (e.g., 'INFO' for informational emails that don't require a response) can also improve efficiency 1.

These techniques facilitate better management of communication, reducing frustration and enhancing productivity.

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