Carrying Heavy Things


Carrying heavy items is discussed in two clips:

  1. In the clip from the episode " " of the "", carrying heavy objects like farmer's carries is emphasized as an important physical skill that can contribute to longevity. Dr. Peter Attia notes that being able to handle such weight is a strength humans excel in, and is closely correlated with longevity based on grip strength studies. He suggests that patients carry half their body weight in each hand for around a minute to build this strength, according to his training practices 1 2.

  2. Another clip focusing on the benefits and methodologies for training grip strength involves using heavy objects like those in farmer's carries, among other exercises. Dr. Attia discusses this on the "" episode titled "". The emphasis is on the repeat training by carrying heavy weights, with a specific mention of farmer's carries, as a primary method for improving grip strength, which is again tied to longevity 2.

    Building Strength

    Peter Attia discusses the importance of safely building strength, including the use of step ups to identify asymmetries in the body. He also emphasizes the significance of being able to carry heavy objects, which is correlated with longevity.

    Tim Ferriss Show

    Dr. Peter Attia — The Science and Art of Longevity