Why is valuing time important?


Valuing time is crucial because it represents a finite resource that you cannot recover once spent. Brad Barrett emphasizes the importance of recognizing that time is priceless and how the diminishing value of money compared to time is a critical concept as you progress towards financial independence. He discusses the idea that certain tasks or jobs simply aren't worth doing at any price as time progresses and your financial situation improves, which highlights the incomparable value of time over monetary gain 1.

Furthermore, understanding the real cost of how you use your time, considering factors like commuting, professional attire, and recovery from work, can dramatically change how you perceive the value of each hour spent. This reevaluation can lead you to reallocate your priorities and make more conscious choices that align with your life goals, ultimately enhancing decision-making about how to spend time more wisely 2.

By recognizing and valuing time accurately, we can make more intentional choices that enrich our lives and align closely with our long-term goals and values.

Value of Time

Jonathan and Brad discuss the value of time and how money has a diminishing value. They emphasize the importance of having a plan and not sacrificing precious years without a larger goal in mind.


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