Can glutamine offset sugar cravings?


Yes, glutamine can help offset sugar cravings. According to , supplementing with the amino acid glutamine has been reported to reduce sugar cravings. This effect is likely because glutamine can activate certain neurons in the gut that are also responsive to sugar, thereby providing an alternative stimulus to those neurons that normally crave sugar. This hypothesis is based on the biological function of these neurons and the pathways they engage in the brain. It's important to start with modest amounts of glutamine to avoid gastric distress, and you should consult with a healthcare provider before starting supplementation, especially if you have a pre-existing condition like cancer 1 2.

Reducing Sugar Cravings

Andrew discusses the potential benefits of ingesting essential fatty acids and amino acids, such as glutamine, to reduce sugar cravings. While there is limited research on the topic, anecdata suggests that this approach could be effective. However, caution should be taken when increasing glutamine intake, especially for those with preexisting cancer.

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Controlling Sugar Cravings & Metabolism with Science-Based Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #64