What is the best book Marc has ever read?


Marc Andreessen considers a book about cults to be the best book he's ever read. He describes it as an enlightening work that dives into the role of cults, why they exist, and what it feels like to be in one. The book includes 4000 years of history and provides insight into the world and human behavior that he finds profoundly impactful 1

Another significant book for Andreessen is The Ancient City, which he describes as the best book he's ever found on the creation and prehistory of civilization. This book helps explain the societal transformations leading to modern civilization and draws from classical Roman and Greek sources 2

Cults and Understanding People

Marc shares his thoughts on a book about cults and how it has helped him understand the world and people better. He underlines and dog-ears every page and considers it the best book he's ever read.

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