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In the from the , Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendosa discuss decision-making strategies with Annie Duke, a former professional poker player.

Key points covered include:

  1. Improving Decision Making:

    • Focus on the aggregation of marginal gains, making incremental improvements to enhance decision-making over time. This approach can lead to significant positive changes in life 1.
  2. Future Perspective:

    • Techniques such as "backcasting" and "pre-mortems" help individuals shift perspectives. By imagining future outcomes, people can view their current decisions more objectively, aiding better judgment 2.
  3. Better Knowledge:

    • Understanding and addressing disagreements can improve the quality of knowledge. Engaging with different opinions helps refine ideas and assumptions, leading to better-informed decisions 3.

      Better Decision Making

      Brad and Jonathan discuss the importance of improving decision making skills through the aggregation of marginal gains and how it can positively impact one's life. Annie Duke's books are highly recommended for those looking to improve their decision making process.


      262 | How to Decide | Annie Duke
  4. Truth Seeking Framework:

    • Develop a truth-seeking environment by encouraging independent assessments and focusing on areas of disagreement. This approach helps teams uncover blind spots and improve collective decision-making 4.

Overall, the episode emphasizes practical strategies to enhance decision-making through structured frameworks and by encouraging openness to diverse perspectives.