What is compartmentalization?


Compartmentalization refers to the strategy of mentally separating different aspects of your life to manage emotions and maintain focus. According to Audrey Bellis, it involves determining whether an issue is something beyond your control and, if so, deliberately choosing to focus on controllable elements. This approach helps avoid wasting energy on things that can’t be changed and maintains focus on what can be managed 1.

Additionally, John Zeratsky emphasizes the importance of compartmentalizing time, meaning to schedule specific periods for different types of tasks (e.g., focused work vs. administrative work) without letting them overlap. This practice can lead to improved efficiency and reduced stress, contributing to a sense of control and productivity 2.

Compartmentalizing Adversity

Audrey shares her experience of dealing with adversity and how she learned to compartmentalize her emotions. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on what is within our control and not wasting energy on things that are beyond our control. Audrey's insights on resilience are applicable to personal and financial journeys alike.


215 | Your Self-Worth is Not Your Net Worth | Audrey Bellis