Planetary hierarchy


The concept of "planetary hierarchy" can refer to both a cosmological/astrological perspective and a socio-economic one:

  1. Levels of Mastery and Spiritual Planetary Hierarchy: In the spiritual context discussed on the , Dr. John Churchill explains planetary hierarchy as levels of mastery and initiation within the spiritual development sphere. Here, planetary hierarchy pertains to a sequence of spiritual advancements that echo the evolution of the planet itself. This hypothesis suggests that as the planet evolves, it propels its inhabitants through various stages of a spiritual cycle from the physical up through spiritual realms named Atmic, Monadic, and Divine 1.

  2. Technological Impact on Socio-Economic Hierarchy: On the , Peter Diamandis discusses the planetary hierarchy in terms of socio-economic status influenced by technology. He predicts that technological advancements will eventually lead to a world where everyone’s basic needs are met (food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education), creating a new socio-economic hierarchy consisting of a majority of 'haves' and a small number of 'super haves'. This future contrasts with the historical division of 'haves' and 'have-nots' 2.

Both perspectives provide insights into how humanity might evolve, either spiritually or socio-economically, influenced by natural or technological forces.

Levels of Initiation

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